“Seeking a balance between design, 
sustainability, quality and comfort
in order to make you feel good
with yourself and with what’s around you”


New basics that are comfortable and timeless, with soft, modern lines. Made of organic cotton and natural dyes. Manufactured in Barcelona with lots of dedication and care.

Our garments seek women’s emotional contact with their clothing and with the Earth. A return to valuing what we do and how we do it. It is about loving the world again and loving ourselves.

Sustainability is the only possible future. Together, we need to change the rules of the game. We need to go back to valuing the entire process that surrounds a piece of clothing, so that we can foster a more conscious consumption. We need to reconnect with the things that surround us; to live them, to enjoy them and, most of all, to be more respectful to others and to nature, which we have long forgotten. Because little by little we are all awakening and hoping for a change, small steps are being taken, and we hope this one will be beneficial to promote a cleaner, happier and more respectful future.

talk under light wants to accompany you, to make you comfortable and to take care of you.