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Ariadna Montfort

Ariadna Montfort Body Mia 008 talk under light



Ariadna Montfort is a dancer.

“After the pandemic broke I really wanted to return to my show,
to tour life with all the team and we just had a lot of shows ahead of us”

I missed the stage a lot,
my character,
being at one with the music,
the hotel rooms,
backstage, the dressing rooms,
the breakfasts,
dinners and after show with my companions that are actually my friends,
the walks in new cities in search of treasures,
relaxing bathtubs
and the laughs talking about the show, while adrenaline drops with a glass of wine in hand.






When I received this bodysuit I thought it would be a wonderful adventure partner.
I decided to bring it with me on my next tour and I packed it in my bag with some disposable cameras.



Ariadna Montfort Body Mia 001 talk under lightAriadna Montfort Body Mia 019 talk under lightAriadna Montfort Body Mia 005 talk under light



For me traveling to dance is a lifestyle. I’ve been doing it since I was 20.
Since then, my life has changed a lot. Now I am a mother and my new situation
balancing my personal life with my work life is a new challenge.
I am very lucky to have a family and a work team who support me and join me with all I undertake.



Ariadna Montfort Body Mia 013 talk under light Ariadna Montfort Body Mia 012 talk under light Ariadna Montfort Body Mia 018 talk under light



The beauty, the comfort and the simplicity of talk under light’s pieces,
has been and still is a perfect travel companion so that my day to day develops
with the passion, freedom, lightness and the confidence I need.





Ariadna Montfort Body Mia 015 talk under light




The majority of the photos have been taken by my companions
during La Veronal SONOMA show in March 2021 in Valencia, Sevilla and Luxembourg.
The rest of the pictures have been taken by Adriá in our home in Barcelona
the day I tried the bodysuit on for the first time.







Ariadna Montfort Body Mia 011 talk under light Ariadna Montfort Body Mia 010 talk under light



Thank you Ariadna :)


Follow her work on:


and dance with her!





Ariadna Montfort Body Mia 003 talk under light

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