garment care

Take care of this garment,
but above all take care of yourself
and your environment.

Undergarments need special delicateness when it comes to daily care so that everything goes the right way. Fasteners and hooks will hold on better if they are used with delicateness, without pulling or stretching the garment.

Our fabric is soft and comfortable. It perfectly adjusts to the body, but it is not completely elastic, because we use natural fibres and have added the minimum elastane to achieve just the right elasticity. Therefore, we recommend not stretching the garments too much. Put them on with enough delicateness, especially when going over our more pronounced parts, like the bum, breasts or thighs. ;-)

For colour garments, we have used completely natural dyes and in some cases they might present tiny imperfections, which for us make that piece of clothing unique. Colour develops overtime with a slow, progressive fade. Follow our washing instructions so that your garments evolve the right way.


Wash whenever necessary
with just enough detergent
and without softener.

This contributes to cleaner water,
and makes your clothes last much longer!


It is important to follow the instructions on each label. Here is an explanation of each of our icons that will make it all easier to understand:


ALL GARMENTS will last longer and look better if they are washed by hand in lukewarm water. Try not to rub.

Our ECRU garments should be washed at a maximum 30 ºC, preferably in cycles for delicate clothing, which are short and have short spin cycles.

For COLOUR garments: because our dyes are natural, wash by hand in cold water for better colour life.

Do not use a dryer.

Do not dry clean.

Do not twist the garment, neither to wring nor while drying. It could affect the dye.

Dry the garment in the shade for better colour life.

To avoid leaving any marks, we recommend drying the garment horizontally. Our tip: put it on a towel!

Do not use bleach!

Ironing is possible, but it should be done at a minimum temperature. Fasteners and rings should be avoided.

For our colour garments, ironing is possible, but it should be done at a minimum temperature and without steam! Fasteners and rings should be avoided.