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intimate health

Your intimate health


We talked to Emma Esteve Concepción,
an expert in Integrative and Conscious Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

I am a woman, a mother, a graduate in Medicine and Surgery (1987) and a specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics (1992).
Since then I have been practising gynaecology for 30 years, with a long period in which I dedicated myself to fertility.
Ten years ago my life and my profession were turned upside down.
As a result of breast cancer, I opened my mind and heart to train in integrative medicine
and apply everything that contributes to the wellbeing and health of people and the planet.


Organic cotton for our intimate health. Why? 

It is very important to protect the skin, including the skin that covers the external genitalia, to maintain a good pH balance.  
We must not forget that our skin is the most extensive organ and the first barrier that protects us from the outside.

In addition, using organic cotton, natural fibres and dyes,
ensures that they are free of chemical components, toxins and endocrine disruptors that are easily absorbed by the skin and, mainly, mucous membranes.
This will also save us from intimate health problems. 

If we want to take care of our skin and mucous membranes it is essential to use fabrics made from body-friendly, organic and sustainable fibres.
It is not easy to identify the additives that are added to natural and synthetic fibres,
which is why it is a good option to opt for this type of product as we will reduce exposure to pollutants and also preserve the health of the planet.

This type of material is very suitable for very sensitive and delicate skin types,
such as atopic skin, allergies, multiple chemical syndrome or electrosensitivity.

When choosing my underwear I am in favour of companies with ethical values, local production and fair working conditions.





How important is it to take care of our most intimate part of our body? 

Taking care of the vulva skin and vaginal mucosa will prevent skin damage and vulvovaginal infections. 

Bearing in mind everything I have said above, we must be careful about the clothes we wear,
the intimate hygiene products and the blood containers we choose to promote our well-being and health.
Everything is absorbed through the skin!


Does diet affect us?

Food is a basic pillar of life, and of course also for intimate health, but it is not the only one.
Through an organic, seasonal and local diet, avoiding processed, refined foods and sugars, we contribute to an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and hormonal balance.
Having a balanced intestinal microbiota is essential for the good absorption of nutrients and to eliminate toxins.


Small habits to improve our intimate health on a daily basis?

-Apart from nutrition, I advise daily exercise to keep our pelvic floor in good condition.

-Respect circadian rhythms, 

-Contact with nature, following its cycles,

-Try to have good stress management,

-Good rest 

-And…. give yourself pleasure.

-It is very important to avoid irritating and toxic external agents by using blood containers (sanitary towels, tampons, panty liners, cups).

-Always use intimate hygiene products and organic underwear, free of bleach and chemicals.

The vulva and vagina have their own self-cleaning mechanisms (they generate the flow in order to cleanse and moisturise),
it is not necessary to use soaps in daily hygiene,
and if you do, look for those that respect the pH of this area and that are organic.
The same goes for the use of lubricants and moisturisers. 

-I recommend cleansing as naturally as possible, unless there is a specific condition. Just use water.

-Try not to wear clothes that are too tight and that allow good ventilation of the genitals.

-Ventilate or wash new clothes before storing them in your wardrobe to avoid exposure to volatile components.


Thank you Emma for sharing all this information with us.




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