“Organic cotton, naturally dyed,
environmentally friendly lingerie
that takes best care of your body”


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Organic cotton,

All our garments are made of ecological cotton that meets the highest quality standards throughout all the stages of the production process, starting from the seed (OCCGUARANTEE®). This represents our strong commitment to take care of people, of the environment and of the farmers involved in growing and producing organic cotton.

Our fabric’s production process is completely sustainable, ecological and transparent.

We collaborate with a company based in Girona, which in turn works directly with over 150 farmers and their families in Brazil, with no middle-men or exploitation.

– Each farmer owns the land they work on (a hectare, on average).

– Biodynamic farming. Other ecological foods are grown as well, both for sale and to build a self-sustaining community.

– Non-transgenic seeds. 100 % reliability, since the farmers separate the seeds themselves.

– No irrigation is used, only rainwater.

– The fields are worked with draft animals, so no pollution is caused by machinery.

– Ecological agriculture: respectful with life and animal biodiversity (no insecticide is used).

– Total control of the entire cycle: harvesting, spinning, weaving and manufacturing.

– Our fabric is completely pure and biodegradable.


Our cotton grows with a natural ecru/earth colour from the plant; we use no pesticides, chemicals or whiteners.

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Natural dye,

The cotton in our colour garments is dyed with vegetal and mineral products that are 100 % natural, and their raw materials are ecological.

The process is completely sustainable and respectful with the environment, toxin-free and in total consonance with the land.

– Our cold dyeing cycle reduces energy consumption by 75%.

– We recycle 100% of the water used.

– We cause no toxic emissions to the environment.

– Our dyeing process reduces the use of raw materials by 90%.

– We reduce the dyeing process to 1 hour.

Because of this process, some times the colour might not be totally uniform or it might present small imperfections. This is nothing to be alarmed by; it is part of the dyeing process, and it makes each garment unique. Colour evolves over time, with a slow, progressive fade that makes the garment more valuable and even more beautiful.


Elastics and trimmings,

All straps and bands in our products, as well as our hooks and rings, comply with the STANDARD 100 quality standards of OEKO-TEX®, which guarantee that the product is safe. Our products do not contain nickel or any other harmful substances. Although they do not meet all the ecological demands that we want to uphold, we have included these materials to make our garments more comfortable and adjustable to the body, and thus to give you a better sense of well-being.



– Drawings by Jone Taberna