Being able to take part in the entire creation process of our garments is something we really value.

We want to have a close relationship with everyone who works with us. We are all indispensable in the process and we want to work as a team.

Our goal is to offer a high-quality product that has been manufactured with time, dedication and care.

Our team is made up of many professionals, and they are all essential: each of them is a specialist in what they do (from pattern designing and dressmaking to choosing fabrics and dyes), and they all play a key role in creating the final product.

All of our garments come into being in Barcelona, in a small workshop where they are created with delicateness and striving to achieve the maximum quality in our finishes. We care about doing things with awareness, taking the time necessary to produce our garments.

We also have a thorough quality-control monitoring process to deliver our garments in the best way possible, but we apologise in advance if they have any imperfections. We might not do everything perfectly all the time, because ours is a very manual process.


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