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The evolution of the body

Starting this section in the best way, with my Mum.
I photographed her while we were in my childhood village.
The village where my grandma was born and where we enjoyed all the summer until my teenage.
The perfect place to stay calm and in peace.

It was august and the weather was really nice.
We were in our underwear all over the house.
Free, comfortable and in intimate contact with nature.

The organic cotton of the garments were breathing with us
and we could feel the pure fresh and clean air in our skin.   

Over time, the evolution of the body, the changes in the skin.
Wonderful process we have to love and respect like our natural evolution.
Take care of it everiday accompanying with soft, natural and respectfull materials
to follow it in the most relax way throw our different moments of life.

Love all of your magic “imperfections”
and each of the wrinkles that appeared on you.
That makes you truly unique. 

talk under light accompany and take cares on you throw the different stages of your life.
Comfort, design and sustainability for your everyday life.

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